The Boho Bride Collection

 I’m going to be honest; I have a bit of an obsession with weddings. 

I blame this on Princess Diana.  Some of you might remember that royal wedding, and the stir that it caused, even here in the States.  I got up very early to watch Diana marry Charles with blurry, but starstruck eyes and from that moment on, I couldn’t get enough of the fairy tale.   I begged my mom to buy bridal magazines when we were in the grocery store and when I got my hands on one, I would mark the pages of the things I liked the best.  My ‘perfect’ wedding dress changed every day.

Imagine my bliss when TLC, and other networks,  began airing so many bridal shows.  It is a guilty pleasure of mine.  I don’t ever get tired of watching someone Say Yes to the Dress, and I am completely enamored with everything David Tutera does.

I can’t imagine why it took me so long to bring this love into my jewelry designs, but now that light has dawned, I am so excited to introduce The Boho Bride Collection to my shop.  Some of these new designs will fall into the Traditional category, but I am even more enthusiastic about bringing  gorgeous styles to the less traditional bride;  fun, original and more than a little Boho.

As always, I am more than willing to entertain custom orders, taking colors and styles into account.  Want earrings for a bridal party where half of the attendants are metal sensitive, and one without pierced ears at all?  I can work with that — gladly.

Whether you are married, engaged or still dreaming of your wedding day; do you consider yourself to be a traditional bride?  What sorts of elements are most important to wedding accessories?  Pearls? Sparkles?  I would love to read your feedback!


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