A New Life

It isn’t exactly a secret that I love to shop for beads.  It is not only the purchasing and the owning; I love to look at them.  I particularly love beads that I can touch before buying; there is definitely something to be said for that tactile experience. 

Lately, however, I have had this need for something different.  Maybe it’s the Spring weather playing with the creative part of my mind.  I’ve been making my own beads and experimenting with different mediums.  I’ve always found the process of making paper beads to be very relaxing.  It’s something I can do while watching television or listening to an audio book (I can’t ever do one thing at a time). 

Jewelry with upcycled components by A Single Dream

I’ve also been upcycling jewelry.  Finding jewelry that is gently worn, but in need of some TLC is very exciting for me.  Most people will give up on a broken clasp, or an earring that’s missing its mate, or, more commonly, jewelry that is just boring to them or out of fashion.   It’s so much fun to find these pieces in shops and imagine how I can give them new life just by adding something, taking something away, or creating something entirely new.

Have you ever had a piece in your jewelry box that you’ve given up on, but don’t have the heart to give or throw away?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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